Vision, Goals, Philosophy


The Foundation envisions a free, caring and economic society that:

  1. Promotes equity and civic responsibility as its primary values;
  2. Is based on a market-oriented and sustainable economic regime;
  3. Values efficiency in an interdependent global economy; and
  4. Balances the need for economic growth with the needs of its people.


The Foundation aims to:

  1. Present market-oriented reforms to government decision-makers;
  2. Influence policy-makers in government, business, and industry to aim for inclusive growth;
  3. Expose economic inefficiencies to government, business and industry, and the general public to guide decision-makers in pursuing policies that will strengthen institutions; and
  4. Promote well-defined and secure property rights.

Corporate Philosophy

We believe that:

  1. Economics is the capstone of any democratic society without which political, civil, social, and other human rights will be rendered ineffective;
  2. Ensuring a secure property rights regime will result in a stable and fertile environment ripe for economic progress;
  3. Government has an important role in promoting, maintaining, equalizing and sustaining economic growth; and
  4. The Philippines has all the potential to be a vibrant economy and respected member of the community of nations.

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