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Philippine investments abroad

October 19, 2015

DEMAND AND SUPPLY By Boo Chanco (The Philippine Star) October 16, 2015   The news about Jollibee investing $99 million to acquire 40 percent of Smashburger, a US-based burger chain came at about the same time there was news about disappointing figures on our Foreign Direct Investments or FDI. The reactions on social media were […]


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Business united for action

June 27, 2013

Like it is by Peter Wallace (Philippine Daily Inquirer) June 27, 2013   Have you ever tried to get a committee to agree on something? Or worse, to agree to many things? Or even worse, many things where strong positions prevail, or something worse than that: two or three committees to come together to agree? […]


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June 8, 2013

Business Matters by Roberto F. de Ocampo (Philippine Daily Inquirer) June 8, 2013   It has often been observed about our postwar economic history that it presents a perfect case study on missed opportunities. It would seem that our favourite dance step, as it were, to the tune of our economic progress (or lack of […]


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9 in every 10 business execs favor Charter change — MBC survey

March 20, 2013

MANILA – Nine out of 10 executives belonging to the Makati Business Club (MBC) favor amending the Constitution’s economic provisions, results of the business group’s latest Executive Outlook Survey showed. According to 59.4 percent of the respondents, moves to amend the Constitution should happen within the next 12 months, while 31.2 percent said Charter change […]


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Leadership and a DICT

March 14, 2013

Like it is by Peter Wallace (Philippine Daily Inquirer) March 14, 2013   I talked about the importance of leadership recently (Inquirer, 2/28/13) and how it determines the path of a country using the two Koreas as a dramatic example. Leadership is particularly important in a hierarchical society like the Philippines. On the larger scale, […]


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FEF, Business Community Joint Position Paper on SEC Draft Rules on Foreign Ownership

December 8, 2012

SEC Draft Rules on Foreign Ownership (Position Paper) from Mig Atienza


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LGUs: A big headache for investors

January 30, 2012

Demand and Supply by Boo Chanco (The Philippine Star) January 30, 2012 Arangkada also had a score card for LGUs and it isn’t pretty. Essentially, Arangkada reports that LGUs have mostly remained a big disincentive for investors. Efforts of national officials to entice investors into our country are largely negated by on-the-ground experience with local government units. Getting […]


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Can the Philippines move twice as fast?

January 29, 2012

Former finance secretary and Makati Business Club co-vice chairman Roberto F. de Ocampo delivered this speech during the Arangkada Philippines forum on “Moving Twice as Fast” last January 26, 2012 at the Marriot Hotel in Pasay City. Many of us, myself included, were fired up with a lot of optimism when we started 2011. Carried […]


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High-stakes trial

January 28, 2012

In the midst of economic volatility in the Euro zone, a struggling US economy, serious tensions in much of the Middle East, a pending leadership shift in China, and a bitter American presidential election, and in spite of our unspectacular 4 percent GDP growth in 2011, the Philippine business community views 2012 and the Year of the Water Dragon with considerable optimism.


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