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Development Entrepreneurship

Economic policies for more inclusive growth

March 7, 2016

Crossroads by Gerardo P. Sicat (The Philippine Star) March 2, 2016   Inclusive economic growth achieves sustained and improving quality of employment, rising incomes and productivity and higher standards of living for the country’s citizens. It happens best when the macroeconomic environment is stable, with fiscal, monetary and trade policies in relative balance. Such a […]


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Let’s develop the south

August 24, 2015

Like It Is by Peter Wallace (Philippine Daily Inquirer) August 20, 2015   I’ve always had a love for trains, and I’ve taken some wonderful trips on some of the world’s grandest. But I’ve also used them to commute in a swift, efficient way from home to office when I lived in Sydney. Trains just […]


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Development entrepreneurship

December 27, 2011

According to Jaime Faustino and Raul Fabella, editors of the book Built on Dreams, Grounded in Reality: Economic Policy Reform in the Philippines (Asia Foundation, 2011), “development entrepreneurs” are “individuals who take responsibility for the reform challenge and for seeing to the achievement of the outcome. They are generally self-motivated; that is, with or without a helping hand from others or from development agencies, whether within or without the government, these individuals continue to pursue the reform and development outcome.”


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