Technology for Property Rights


The Technology for Property Rights is a project of the Foundation for Economic Freedom and The Asia Foundation. The project aims to further scale titling and increase the security of property rights through the use of new approaches and technologies. The project has the three following component activities: 1) creating an online adjudication application; and 2) using drone-generated maps to enhance phases of systematic adjudication.

In the Philippines, millions of land parcels are untitled in the Philippines. One of the major factors is the high cost of conducting surveys to subdivide lots to be titled. Thanks to technological advances, land surveying is becoming cheaper and faster. In April 2016, under the Technology for Property Rights, experts from both public and private sectors teamed up to explore the use of drones as an alternative tool for land surveying in the Philippines.



TPR Project Briefer 2018



APRIL 2016 | CEBU : Pilot Study on Using Drones for Land Surveying and Titling

APRIL 2016 | CEBU and MANILA : Presentation of Pilot Study to Stakeholders

MARCH 2017 | CAVITE, BULACAN and MANILA:  Academic Research on Using Drones for Land Surveying and Mapping


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LMB Technical Bulletin No. 2 Series of 2017 Guidelines on the Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in Support of Land Survey

LMC No. 2017-003 “Adoption on the Alternative Use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the Conduct of Land Surveys

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