Paderanga-Varela Memorial Lecture

As part of FEF’s 20th year anniversary and in honor of its late co-founders:  former Socio-economic Planning Secretary Cayetano Paderanga, Jr. and former Department of Education Undersecretary Francis Varela, the Foundation has launched the  Paderanga-Varela Memorial Lecture.

The first, in hopefully a series of annual lectures, was conducted last October 19, 2016, entitled  “Does Ending ENDO Contribute to Inclusive Economic Growth?”, where Dr. Vicente Paqueo, a fellow of both FEF and the Philippine Institute for Development Studies, presented his and Dr. Aniceto Orbeta’s paper on “Beware of the ‘End Contractualization!’ Battle Cry”.

Lecture Documents can be accessed here: Paper, Program, PresentationPhotos, Video

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Paderanga-Varela Memorial Lecture

  • Paderanga-Varela Memorial Lecture Highlights
    Paderanga-Varela Memorial Lecture Highlights
  • [FULL] Paderanga-Varela Memorial Lecture: \
    [FULL] Paderanga-Varela Memorial Lecture: \"Does Ending Endo Contribute to Inclusive Economic Growth

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