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FEF Newsletter January 2018

Special Patents infographic

Technology for Property Rights Project Brief

Briefer on Guidelines for the Issuance of Special Patents for Public School Sites

Terra Firma Vol 1. Issue No. 1 The Official Newsletter of the Foundation for Economic Freedom

Why Filipinos are killing fellow Filipinos. J. T. Almonte. 2008. (copy available at FEF Library)

Leveling the Playing Field. J. T. Almonte. 2008. (copies available at FEF Library)

FEF Policy Paper on Charter Change issue  (Executive Summary)

DENR-Local Government Partnership Handbook Land Management Offices and LGU-Assisted Public Land Titling

Land Titling for Banks: A Guidebook

FEF (2014) Socio-Economic Trends in Mindanao

Strategic Road Maps for the Development of the Bangsamoro

Integrated Report_ Enhancing Business and Investment Climate in the Bangsamoro


Press Releases


FEF Press Statement on Talks of Revolutionary Government

FEF Appeals to Senate to Preserve the Revenue Goals for Train

FEF Statement of Support to Tax Reform Program

FEF Statement on the Proposed Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Act

FEF Statement on the Wave of Transport Services

FEF Statement on Free Distribution of Land

FEF Lauds Abolition of NFA Rice Monopoly

FEF Statement on Rice Policy – Call on President Duterte to rescind his decision to stop all rice importation 

FEF Statement in Support of Amending the Economic Provisions of the Constitution

FEF Statement on Free Tuition to SUCs:  It is Anti-Poor and Hurts Private Higher Educational Institutions


FEF Launches its First Paderanga-Varela Memorial Lecture at its 20th Anniversary Celebration

FEF Statement on DOF’s Tax Policy Reform

Joint Statement on Policy Framework on Land Use

FEF Statement on DOLE’s Plans for a National Minimum Wage Policy

FEF Statement on Cabinet’s Decision Not To Extend QRs

FEF Statement on Philippine Pension System

FEF Statement on SMC Sale to PLDT and Globe

FEF Statement on Mass Civil Registration and a National ID System

FEF Statement on Philippine Rice Policy

FEF Congratulates President-elect Rodrigo Duterte

FEF Statement on Money Laundering and AMLA


FEF Position on Lowering Income Tax Rates

FEF Statement on CARP Extension

FEF Statement on the MRT-LRT Fare Increases


FEF Statement on The Role of PPPs in Infrastructure Development

FEF Statement on the President’s Request for Emergency Power from Congress

FEF Statement of Support for Passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law

FEF Statement of Support for ChaCha on Lifting Economic Restrictions

FEF Press Release Opposing Solar Installation Capacity Increase

FEF Statement on the Belmonte Resolution to Amend the Constitution

FEF Statement on the Signing of the GRP-MILF Peace Agreement

FEF Statement on the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program (CARP) 

FEF Statement on Government Rice Policy and NFA Monopoly on Rice Importation 

FEF Press Release (Lauding HCCA for swift approval of RBH 1)

FEF Statement on Charter Change (in support of House Joint Resolution No. 1)


FEF Statement on the Pork Barrel and DAP Issues

FEF Press Release: Support Sin Tax Reform

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No To Electricity Hike For Filipinos

Residential Free Patent Act Facebook Page